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Re-downloading your purchases and updates
"Not correctly licensed" error
Refund policy.
End User License Agreement (EULA)
Product Updates
Handbooks / manuals
Where is my train & how do I drive it?
None of the train controls work
Where can I find scenarios for the trains?
Scenario editor and ChrisTrains consists
Re-downloading a train
SGM paint pack controls do not work
How do I install a train?
NS platforms have no passengers, doors won't open on trains.
Enabling cargo / freight
Can I manually control the doors so they stay open longer?
Some trains (for example the 6400 or 2200) do not show up in the Quickdrive menu
When will the current project be ready?
Why do I have to pay for ChrisTrains products? Why are they not free?
Why is a particular colour scheme or livery not available for a certain train?
Repaints / reskins
Promotional copies of products (reviews, youtube etc)
Signalsoft customers
Legacy Treinpunt customers (before Simtogether)
Windows 7 no longer supported. Installation fails to find server to validate key.
Sales tax (VAT) and country of origin