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Re-downloading your purchases and updates
"Not correctly licensed" error
Virus warnings
Windows Defender false positives (TrojanWin32)
Refund policy.
End User License Agreement (EULA)
Product activation
Product Updates
Handbooks / manuals
Where is my train & how do I drive it?
None of the train controls work
Where can I find scenarios for the trains?
Scenario editor and ChrisTrains consists
Re-downloading a train
SGM paint pack controls do not work
How do I install a train?
NS platforms have no passengers, doors won't open on trains.
Enabling cargo / freight
Lost installation files or keycodes
Can I manually control the doors so they stay open longer?
Some trains (for example the 6400 or 2200) do not show up in the Quickdrive menu
Use copy / paste to quickly fill in your license code during installation.
When will the current project be ready?
Why do I have to pay for ChrisTrains products? Why are they not free?
Why is a particular colour scheme or livery not available for a certain train?
Repaints / reskins
Promotional copies of products (reviews, youtube etc)
'Not commonly downloaded' popup when downloading an installation file
"File contains invalid data" during installation.
Number of activation exceeded
Signalsoft customers
Windows 7 no longer supported. Installation fails to find server to validate key.