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Signalsoft customers

The Signalsoft partner webshop has unfortunately had to close.

As part of the original agreement with Signalsoft, ChrisTrains was sent monthly sales lists. I have recovered all of these databases going back as far as 2012, and I have been able to write a utility that extracts the relevant customer and sales information and imports it into the webshop.

This means that all previous Signalsoft customers now have accounts at, and these accounts contain all previously purchased products from Signalsoft.

You can check your account using the "my downloads" section on the help page :


Important: In the process of importing the account information, the original keycodes have been lost but the next time you download a product from, you will be issued a new keycode. Also - some of the products might appear as duplicates in your account (for example it might show two VIRM purchases). That's OK.


Important: the accounts that have been created or edited at are based on the email addresses used for the original purchases at Signalsoft. If you cannot find your account using your most current email address, I can hand-modify the account if you know what the original email address was.


GDPR information.

The Signalsoft customer data DOES NOT include payment information. No bank or credit card details were ever sent to ChrisTrains.

The Signalsoft customer data DOES include mailing addresses and phone numbers - those have all been discarded as ChrisTrains has no need to know any of that information. (If you want to manually add your mailing address to your new ChrisTrains account, that's up to you)

The Email addresses used to create accounts at HAVE NOT automatically been signed up for the ChrisTrains newsletter. If you want to sign up, you must do so using the "mailing list" section at the bottom of the main page.