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Number of activation exceeded

When installing a ChrisTrains product, you are agreeing (by accepting the EULA) to a limit of 10 installations.

You may purchase 10 more installations for €0.99 per product. Submit a support ticket and provide the product name and the key code that you wish to have extended. You will be billed using Paypal and once the payment has been completed, the chosen license code will be manually reset to zero registered installations.

Reason for the 10-activation limit.

Upon studying 10 years of installation data, we discovered that >98.9% of customers install their product between 3 and 4 times. Therefore a limit of 10 activations is reasonable for almost every customer.

Once the number of installations rises above 4, it begins to look suspicious. Once it rises above 8, in almost every case we studied, software piracy was the cause.