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Virus warnings

Symptom: A virus warning message will appear warning you of "fileRepMalware" or "WS.Reputation.1":

Symptom: The installation will freeze and stop working.
Symptom: The installation file will be deleted from your disk.
Symptom: The installation file reports "This File contains invalid data":

The installation system used by ChrisTrains occasionally causes "false positive" alerts from antivirus programs. The biggest culprits are Avast, Symantec and Norton360.

In almost all cases, the alert is caused by the "reputation" function of the antivirus program.

Please be assured that this is NOT a virus. It is a notification that the antivirus program has not seen this piece of software enough times for it to be considered "reputable". This affects most of the ChrisTrains installation files because they are small product for a small group of users.

Solution 1:
Temporarily disable your antivirus during download and/or installation.

Solution 2:
Disable the "reputation services" in Avast:

Solution 3:
Disable "Download Intelligence" in Norton 360: Disable download intelligence

If you have any doubts, submit a copy of the installation file to for scanning. VirusTotal runs files through 60+ different antivirus engines and provides an instant report.