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Some trains (for example the 6400 or 2200) do not show up in the Quickdrive menu

The consists that are provided for the NS6400 and NS2200 use freight wagons that were originally included in Train Simulator 2012. If you have upgraded from that version, you should have those wagons.

However, for some new users who started with Train Simulator 2015, those wagons are not included in some versions of the game, so the consists for these locos will not show up in the Quickdrive menu in the game.

There are two solutions:

(1) You can use the Quickdrive menu, and choose "Custom" and build your own custom consist that uses wagons that you DO have in your installation. You will be able to find the NS6400 and NS2200 in there when you choose 'Diesel engines'.

(2) You can purchase the European loco and Assets pack from Steam then all the consists provided with the engines will show up correctly. You can find that pack here : European loco and Assets Pack.

Note: there are some routes that come with this pack included.