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Repaints / reskins

ChrisTrains has no problem if you want to repaint any of our products for personal and non-commercial use. This means either for yourself, or for distribution on forums and other websites. The conditions for offering a repaint for others to download are:
  • You may not charge anything for the repaint - it must be freely available.
  • You must only include the bare minimum number of files for the repaint - this will typically be modified texture and geometry files, autonumbering files etc.
  • You must not include any of the script files or scripting components (nothing from simulation folder).
  • You must not include files such as cabviews, couplers, bogie definitions, audio files or any other substantial part of the payware model.
  • For a repaint to be usable by another player, that player must have purchased the full payware version of the train.