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Why is a particular colour scheme or livery not available for a certain train?

To make ChrisTrains products, I need to get (amongst other things) written permission from the various companies to use their trademarked logos and colour schemes. These types of agreements often include an annual licensing fee.


Whenever you see a product either in development or already for sale, where a particular colour scheme isn't available, it typically means one of the following:

- I was unable to acquire the rights to use the trademarks or logos of the company

- The company never responded to requests to license their trademarks

- The company refused permission to use their trademarks

Examples of successful agreements include SBB, Railion, DB Schenker and obviously Nederlandse Spoorwegen (the Dutch national railways).




Examples of unsuccesful agreements include Thalys, Abellio and Meridian.

I cannot influence the decision of any company as to whether or not they grant permission or licenses, and I cannot use their trademarks without that permission.

A complete list of trademarks and licenses can be found on my website: Important Trademark Information.



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