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Here you can buy my products for DTG Train Simulator (current version: 2018). Click on the name of the item to go to the product page.

Payment options If you want to buy direct from my site, at the checkout screen please choose option (1) if you have a PayPal account or option (2) if you just want to use a credit card:

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You can also buy products using the links on the product pages to JustTrains, Aerosoft, Signalsoft, Treinpunt and RailTraction, all of whom offer extra payment options such as iDeal ().
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Passenger Trains
stadler Flirt 3 EMU nederlands slt sprinter train
nederlands sgm sprinter train stadler GTW EMU/DMU
nederlands irm train nederlands icm train
nederlands ddz train nederlands dd-ar train
nederlands dm90 train nederlands mat64 train
Auckland ADL ADC DMU nederlands dh1 dh2 train
Stadler RS1

Paint packs / skins
paint pack for the icmm train paintpack for the sgm train

nederlands dd-ar treinstel

Engines / locomotives
nederlands 2200 diesel locomotive nederlands 6400 diesel locomotive
nederlands mp3000 locomotive

nederlands tads wagon nederlands fccpps grindlosser
nederlands gbs zuivel wagen
dutch slmmnps wagon dutch sgns wagon
Z tank wagons

Other items