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Please first check the knowledgebase - it is searchable, and it has answers to common questions about product updates, re-downloading the products, current product version numbers, manuals, scenarios, driving and control questions, and other product support issues.

If you cannot find the answer in the knowledgebase, please submit a ticket via the helpdesk, making sure to choose the relevant category and product.

I get literally hundreds of emails a day about my products. You are more likely to get a reply using the helpdesk than a personal email now.

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Patches for various products can be found in the knowledgebase: Patches


I'm fairly active on the following forums if you want to see update topics and general discussions:
Railsim.nl (Dutch)      TreinPunt.nl (Dutch)      DutchRail.eu (Dutch)      UKTrainSim (English)