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Freelance Commercial Work

I don't only do private work, but I am available for freelance and contract work too. That can be for either trains or 3D models (such as stations, trackside buildings etc) for Train Simulator games (see commercial work), or for 3D rendering work such as that for the Stationsgebied Utrecht (below).

Accident visualisation

ChrisTrains worked with RozendaalCity to provide models for an accident analysis video involving a chemical tanker and a Mat'64 passenger train.

Stationsgebied Utrecht

ChrisTrains worked with the Stationsgebied Utrecht project to help visualise the newly modernised station which is being built in Utrecht, in the Netherlands. You can see more details at the project website at http://www.3idee.nl/.

Cham Ltd Computational Flow Dynamics

Cham Ltd (website) asked ChrisTrains to work with them on some proof-of-concept flow dynamics models with the Eurostar engine unit. The results so far look promising.

E\Semble Emergency Management Training

E\Semble asked ChrisTrains to provide them with some models for disaster and emergency management training scenarios and simulation. The first screens show a Koploper running inside their simulation. (currently without doors).