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Lost installation files or keycodes

New download policy

If you lose your installation file, or your installation keycode:

  • if you exist in my database and I can find you by name or email address, or if you have the original proof of purchase, I will send you a new download.
  • if you do not exist in my database, and you cannot provide proof of purchase, you will need to buy a new copy of the product.

There are no exceptions.

You will be in my database if you purchased from my site directly. If you purchased from Signalsoft, Aerosoft, JustTrains, Treinpunt or RailTraction I will need to see the original proof of purchase (normally the email) before I can send you a new download.


Please do NOT tell me stories about how you've lost everything and have no record of the original purchase, or how a friend of a friend of a cousin bought you the train and they've since moved to Australia and you can't contact them. These types of excuses will not get you a download. My products are popular and often get shared on the internet, so I cannot believe every story I am told.


Sharing key codes

If your keycode appears on a publicly-available website, the key will be disabled and your product will be removed from the update list. Your account may also become blocked by email address and/or IP address.

There are no exceptions to this.