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Frison scenery objects

Many dutch routes for Train Simulator use the excellent free scenery objects made by Frison.
Frison has allowed me to host his downloads here as a convenience for ChrisTrains customers.


Frison scenery objects are free. There are two download options.
Option 1: Download individual objects as .rwp railworks packages: Individual objects
Option 2: Download all objects in large installation files:
( 269.05 MB, last modified: 28/Jan/2018 ): Large installation file part 1
( 70.85 MB, last modified: 18/Feb/2018 ): Large installation file part 2

Click here to see thumbnails of all the part 1 objects.

Click here to see thumbnails of all the part 2 objects.

Follow Frison or ask for objects

You can keep up-to-date with Frison at his official facebook page : Frison Railworks Objecten.
You can email requests for new objects too: Request a new Frison object. Please use this link to email Frison - ChrisTrains does not build these objects.