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NS GTOW wagon now for sale. migrated to new server

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Required Assets for most Dutch routes

The files in these archives will either be self-installing .exe files, or .rwp or .rpk files. The .rwp and .rpk files must be installed using the Railworks package installer, which you can find by running the Railworks Utilities (c:\program files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\railworks\utilities.exe).

De bestanden in deze archiefbestanden zijn of zelf-installerende .exe bestanden, of .rwp / .rpk bestanden. De .rwp en .rpk bestanden dienen geïnstalleerd te worden met behulp van de RailWorks package installer, die u kunt vinden in het RailWorks utilities programma (c:\program files(x86)\steam\steamapps\common\railworks\utilities.exe).

Critical Items
ChrisTrains free scenery objects
ChrisTrains track pack
Frison's free scenery objects
Gert Meering's free scenery objects
European Loco & Asset Pack
(you have this if your original game was TS2012 or TS2013)
(deze heb jij al, als jouw oorspronkelijk spel TS2012 of TS2013 was)
Altenburg-Wildau 3.x route(Alternative download)
Tracks (WoP tracks)(Alternative download)
Overhead gantries (portalen) from Dutch Classics(Alternative download)
Overhead gantries (portalen) v1.5 from MarcD(Alternative download)
Overhead cables (Bovenleiding draad)(Alternative download)
MORailworks Overhead cables and gantries (Portalen en bovenleiding draad)(Alternative download)
UK Trainsim Blocks-Lofts-Bridges #1(Alternative download)
UK Trainsim Miscellaneous Clutter(Alternative download)
UK Trainsim Housing 1(Alternative download)
UK Trainsim Industry 1(Alternative download)
UK Trainsim Railway buildings 1(Alternative download)
WOP MN Track Rule
Non-critical items (scenery)
Albula v2 route (for assets)(Alternative download)
Lisboa to Santarem route(Alternative download)
SMM Digital Ann Arbor Assets(Alternative download)
All RailWorks/TS20** downloads from Coha
Coha junction boxes (wisselstellers)
PGR Dutch scenery and buildings
HK Streets and roads (straten, wegen, stoepen)
PGR Houses
GSI Scenery
Spoorvogel bus halt and bike racks(Alternative download)
High tension lines / pylons(Alternative download)
DP Simulation route building pack(Alternative download)
Austrian streets and cars(Alternative download)
Austrian high tension lines and pylons(Alternative download)
Austrian houses(Alternative download)
Station Ede Wageningen(Alternative download)
Eusebius kerk Arnhem
Hefbrug Purmurend(Alternative download)
NL Fietspad
'Gooi Centraal version 1.7 or later, for some assets
EU Loco & Asset Pack
(if you updated from TS2012 you already have these)
US Loco & Asset Pack
(if you updated from TS2012 you already have these)
Magirus_170d (fire trucks)(Alternative download)
NL number boards (cijferborden)(Alternative download)
AmiciTreni decals(Alternative download)
Derek Siddle's Free APStation pack(Alternative download 1)(Alternative download 2)
French trees(Alternative download)
SAD Scenery(Alternative download)
SAD_tunnelBHF(Alternative download)
PR_walls & fences 02(Alternative download)
Ryo TramTrack 3 files in 1(Alternative download)
Some NZTSWS\BigPeter\scenery\buildings\ downloads(Alternative download)
The 168m Stahltraegerbruecke-v1.0(Alternative download)
John Lippai's NRD Commercial and Industrial Buildings Pack 1(Alternative download)
Josef72's assets(Alternative download)
NewS assets (truck pack2 and coolliner pack)(Alternative download)
McDonalds(1)(Alternative download)
McDonalds(2)(Alternative download)
DAF trucks(Alternative download)
Pawerbys commercial buildings (5)(Alternative download)
Pawerbys commercial buildings (4)(Alternative download)
Pawerbys commercial buildings (6)(Alternative download)
Pawerbys commercial buildings (2)(Alternative download)
Pawerbys rural buildings(Alternative download)
Residential house(Alternative download)
PR_Häuserset_12 v.2.0(Alternative download)
PR domestic buildings_03 v.1.0(Alternative download)
From 3DTrains - you must be registered or the 'Low resolution freeware version' links don't work:
Rural_landscapes 1(Alternative download)
World_landscapes 1(Alternative download)(Update file mirror)
scalerail(Alternative download)(Update file mirror)
scaleroad(Alternative download)(Update file mirror)