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NS GTOW wagon now for sale. migrated to new server

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Jet Train



Excl. VAT / ohne MwSt / zonder BTW

A GE-90 jet engine strapped to a flimsy test frame? I hope your insurance is paid up.
Top speed 300mph and it WILL derail. Have fun!

  • Full brakes over 50mph causes the thrust reverser to deploy.
  • Can be used in your own scenarios or QuickDrive on any route - this train shows up in the 'diesel' list.
  • This model is unsupported. It might or might not get updates.

Minimum requirements

  • Windows® 10 (32/64bit)
  • Train Simulator 2021 or 2022 (upgrade from previous versions is free on Steam)
  • 'Expert' control mode. Turn off simple controls.
  • Recommended: Dynamic lighting ON
  • Video: recommended game settings
  • Product(s) will not work in Train Simulator 2012-2019.


Download the Jet Train here: Jet Train for Rail Simulator
Bonus : Basic test route for maximum speed testing, by Dominic Schwarz: Jet Train Route