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Welcome to ChrisTrains

ChrisTrains provides high quality addons for Dovetail Games Train Simulator, concentrating mainly on the Dutch railway network - the Nederlandse Spoorwegen. There's a wide variety of rolling stock from passenger trains, to diesel engines and freight wagons. Most of the products are payware, but there are some free items too, as well as some scenery objects for route-builders.

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NS TRAXX deleted from the poll because this project already exists. Sorry for the hassle.

Current Project : Arriva Flirt 3 Remodel

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About the 'Chris' in ChrisTrains


I am a 3D computer graphics modeller by trade. My primary work is building 3d computer graphics models for commercial flight simulators. I was raised in the Netherlands which is how come I still know some Dutch, and why I targetted the NS for my train models. I have worked on both commercial game add-ons as well as freelance commercial work .