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Stadler Flirt 3 Arriva Patch 2.0 -> 2.01


IF YOU ALREADY HAVE v2.01 YOU DO NOT NEED THIS PATCH. (Check the name of your installation file).

This patch addresses the following issues with the Arriva Flirt 3 in the v2.0 product:

  • S1 destination corrected to be Cuijk (not Cuick).
  • Roof around upper headlight should be white, not black.
  • Roof fans made grey instead of blue.
  • ATB-NG now does not automatically release brakes after snelrem / quickbraking.
  • ATG-NG Vrijlaatsnelheid second LED now correctly turns off if red signal turns green.
  • ATB-NG sometimes showed "EG" on some routes. Not any more.
  • ATB-NG yellow speed LED and red 'pacman' now glow more to make them more obvious

Download : Arriva Flirt 3 v2.01 Patch

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