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NS ICNG v1.0.3 patch

This patch updates the original v1.0.0, v1.0.1 or v1.0.2 ICNG to v1.0.3. You need only use this patch if you have a version EARLIER than 1.0.3 installed. Everything in the patch is already included in the v1.0.3 release.

Deze patch werkt de originele v1.0.0, v1.0.1 of 1.0.2 ICNG bij naar v1.0.3. U hoeft deze patch alleen te gebruiken als u een versie EERDER dan 1.0.3 hebt geïnstalleerd. Alles in de patch is al opgenomen in de versie v1.0.3.


NS ICNG Patch 1.0.3 (exe)    |    NS ICNG Patch 1.03 (zip)

1.0.3 Patch / Release notes.

  • Critical: Deletes some extra dev folders that could cause keyboard shortcuts to not work correctly
  • Fixed: Cruise control and ATB->ETCS accept button shortcut didn't work for some people

Items also included from the 1.0.2 Patch:

  • Fixed a bogie error in the motorwagons
  • Fixed: An ETCS issue where the red lights could be missed in certain situations
  • Fixed: Improved ETCS red light detection overall
  • Fixed: 25kVDC icon corrected to 25kVAC in the multifunction display
  • Fixed: A broken URL in the Dutch manual
  • Fixed typo in "Valkenberg" -> "Valkenburg"
  • Fixed a problem where the ICNG could derail in one corner of the HSL route
  • Fixed an audio issue where traction motor audio drops off completely at 120kmh
  • Fixed a cruise control bug where braking didn't account for consist length / weight

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